11 Lightest and Best Recommended Android Emulators

11 Lightest and Best Recommended Android Emulators

Recommended list of the best and lightest Android Emulators to play Android games on PC or Laptop.
Mobile games are currently one of the most popular types of games for gamers. Currently, there are many popular games on the Google Play Store that can be played on mobile phones. Call it Mobile Legend, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

For some people, playing these games (PUBG, Free Fire, etc.) requires a wide screen, it's not enough just to have a cellphone screen. The reason is because the details are not clear, the movement of the opponent is not visible, or because the graphics of the mobile phone do not support the High Definition feature.

Well, to overcome this there is an Android Emulator that can be used to play mobile games through the PC platform. Thus, you can play various mobile games without worrying about the various problems that exist.

So, what are some lightweight Android Emulators that you can use for free? Here's the full list from Ubixlo:
  • Droid4X
  • LeapDroid
  • MEmu Play
  • Nox Player
  • YouWave
  • KoPlayer
  • Bluestacks
  • Loop Games
  • LD Player
  • Mumu App Player

1. Droid4X

First there is Droid4X. Known as one of the very light Android Emulators, Droid4X is quite popular among gamers as well as content creators.
The reason is, launching from Wantek.ID, this emulator also supports a screen recording feature that is devoted to recording the emulator screen that is displayed. Thus, the content creators do not have to bother to create content for the game that is being played.

From the screen recording feature, you can adjust the quality of the recorded output. But unfortunately, the screen recording from Droid4X has a watermark.

However, you don't need to worry. There are still various other advantages of this Droid4X.

Another plus is that besides being lightweight, Droid4X is equipped with the Android 4.2.2 operating system. So it can be used to run various games and the latest applications.

Even better, when you use Droid4X to play games, you can set the gamepad (keyboard) to your liking.

2. LeapDroid

Furthermore, there is LeapDroid which is also no less lightweight than Droid4X. Both can be run on Windows, of course there is a difference between LeapDroid and Droid4X.

One of the advantages and also the difference between LeapDroid and Droid4X is that you can easily customize the controller.

However, for other customizations, it must be admitted that LeapDroid is "not" as advanced as other emulators. One example is, on this emulator you can't set the screen resolution used.

However, the access speed of LeapDroid is arguably superior to that of Droid4X. It doesn't stop there, this emulator can also be used to play various games or newly released applications.

Well, although some features have to be "sacrificed", at least LeapDroid has the advantage to run various Android games well, quickly, even if it has high graphics quality.

3. MEmu Play

Made “specially” for playing Android games, MEmu is also one of the most popular Android emulators.
How come? By using MEmu, you will not find any difficulty in installing Android games. Also, there is no need to be complicated to configure the controller or other settings.

Usually, in other emulators you will be confused with various control settings, or in terms of game installation. However, not with MEmu, here you just have to click the desired APK/Game, install, and play. Interesting right?

In addition, there are many catalogs of Android games available here, and you can choose which ones you want to play. It doesn't stop there, of course, the games provided here can be accessed for free.

In terms of appearance (UI), MEmu has a simple, simple appearance, but don't doubt its performance in running various Android games. Even better, you don't need to use a high-spec computer to use MEmu.

In addition, Microvirt Co as the developer of MEmu is quite diligent in developing this emulator. This is evidenced by several improvements and developments carried out during 2020.

Not baen-baen, Microvirt Co has done four times development during 2020. And now, the latest version of MEmu is 7.3.2.

With the latest version, MEmu deserves to be compared to other emulators such as BlueStack and Nox Player. What's more, to use MEmu you only need to prepare 2 GB of memory space, thus saving the resources you have more.

4. Nox Player

Who is not familiar with this Android emulator? Yes, Nox Player can be said to be very popular and familiar among mobile game lovers. How come? Reporting from Uptodown data, Nox Player has been downloaded more than 21 million times.

Of course, this is inseparable from the quality offered. Just like real Android, Nox has complete configuration features available. One of the excellent features in Nox Player is the multi simulator.

With this feature, it allows you as a user to run different applications and games simultaneously with different simulators.

It doesn't stop there, this emulator made by Big Nox also supports external devices, such as JoyStick and other console devices.

Thus, you can play the game more easily with a more enjoyable experience. Even better, Nox Player is not only available for Windows, but also on the Mac operating system.

5. YouWave

Available in two versions, free and paid, YouWave is also one of the most popular Android emulators. The reason is, this emulator has a pretty good performance and is capable of being used to play various mobile games.

For those of you who have a PC/Laptop with low specifications, you don't need to worry, by using YouWave which is actually very light, you can create a fun mobile gaming experience.

In fact, if we look at the required System Requirements, we can "install" YouWave with only an Intel Pentium CPU. So, no need to worry about the quality of the laptop/PC used, even if it has mediocre specifications.

With the various "relieves" that YouWave offers, of course there are other consequences. Yes, like the Android version on this emulator, it only provides version 4.0.4 (for the free version), so you can only play certain games that can run on this version of Android.

Unlike the paid version, YouWave provides Android version 5.1.1. That way, you can play the latest games on Android.

6. KoPlayer

Just like other Android emulators, KoPlayer is also automatically connected to Google Play. However, you can also add various other applications and games manually by installing the APK of the desired application or game.

What's unique about KoPlayer is that you can set the size of the Android screen resolution you want to display. That way, you can adjust the performance according to the specifications of the laptop/PC used.

Another advantage of KoPlayer, apart from being lightweight, this emulator also has features to manage controls and gamepads. So, you can customize it to play your favorite games.

Similar to Droid4X, KoPlayer also has a feature to record screen activity on the emulator. Thus, those of you who want to create game content can use KoPlayer as a vehicle to play various Android games.

There is no need to doubt the quality of the video and audio produced by KoPlayer, because this emulator has high-quality and high-quality video and audio output.

7. Bluestacks

BlueStacks is arguably one of the toughest competitors for Nox Player. How come? BlueStacks also has quite loyal fans, this is evidenced by more than 400 million people who have downloaded it.

After all, in fact, BlueStacks also has various powerful features. Like a real Android, here you can play games and use applications, both free and paid.

The uniqueness of BlueStacks is, we can connect our Android devices with this emulator. By doing this synchronization, we can access all application data and documents from BlueStacks.

If you don't want this synchronization, that's okay too, you can still play games and use applications via this Android emulator.

However, to use BlueStack you need to prepare a fairly large resource. Because, this emulator requires at least 5 GB of memory space.

If you have a PC/Laptop with low specifications, if you insist on using BlueStack, of course the experience you get will be "different".

8. Game Loops

For those of you who like to play PUBG, of course, you are no stranger to Game Loop. Yes, this emulator made by Tencent Games was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB).

At the beginning of its release, this emulator can only be used to play PUBG. Because we know that PUBG is a game owned by Tencent, so Tencent created a special emulator to play PUBG.

But now, after changing its name to Game Loop, this Android emulator can be used to play various Android games.

Starting from MMORPG games like Black Desert Mobile, AFK Arena, and many more. In fact, Free Fire, which is PUBG's main competitor, can also be played here.

In terms of features, Game Loop is available in two languages, namely Chinese and English. You could say, that Game Loop has pretty good compatibility and performance. Because we know, Tencent is a game developer who has a concern for mobile games.

9. LD Player

Just like Nox and BlueStack, LD Player also has advantages that you should try. With its multi-simulator features, it allows you to play various games simultaneously.

In fact, LD Player has provided Android OS version 7.1 with high compatibility and high frame rate which will make the gaming experience even more exciting.

Even though it has high specifications, you don't need to worry about the level of stability. In fact, LD Player is an emulator that is light, fast and has a good level of stability.

This is evidenced by various benchmarks carried out using this emulator. Like Free Fire, PUBG, AOV, and so on. And all of these games have satisfactory benchmark results.

10. Mumu App Player

At the beginning of its release, Mumu App Player did not support English features. However, after the last development update, it is now available in English and can be used more easily than the previous version.

Developed by Net Ease Game, it seems to make this emulator very worth trying. Why not? The reason is, this Android emulator has a variety of interesting features to be able to play various popular games on Android. Starting from Mobile Legend, One Punch Man, PUBG, Free Fire, and many more.

One of the excellent features offered by Mumu is a smoother gaming experience and easier control settings such as keyboard and mouse.

Mumu App Player hasn't been talked about much. However, what's the harm in trying this Mumu App Player?

If you have references or information about other Android emulators, don't hesitate to share them in the comments column below.