7 Ways to Increase YouTube Video Ranking in Search Engines

7 Ways to Increase YouTube Video Ranking in Search Engines

YouTube is the second search engine after Google. With 92 billion page views per month and about 35 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube brings huge traffic to websites and blogs. You can also earn money from YouTube when you meet the subscriber requirements and video views. Therefore, you must know how to increase the ranking of YouTube videos in search engines.

Uploading a video is not enough to get views on YouTube. You need to grow your channel until your account gets big and gets verified from YouTube. This is one way YouTube videos appear in search results.

Want to know how to get your videos recommended on YouTube? Follow the guide to increase the ranking of the following YouTube videos, OK!

Why Doesn't Video Show Up in Search Results?

Before discussing how to get videos to appear in YouTube search results, you also need to know the reasons why your videos sometimes don't appear in search. The following information is quoted from YouTube:

Please note, if you have just created a channel or video, updated, or changed the channel name, it may take a few days for the channel or video to appear in YouTube search results.

YouTube will try to show users the most relevant results. Search results are videos, channels, playlists, and live streams. However, if you don't find your channel at the top of the search results, there are several factors influencing it, such as:
  • Channel names are commonly used in video titles
  • Commonly used channel name
  • New YouTube channel
  • Channel name may not be suitable for all viewers
YouTube has its own algorithm for ranking a video. Even if you decide to advertise a YouTube video, this does not guarantee that your video will rank higher. There are various factors that influence it, one of which is the duration of video viewing.

So, so that you are not even more curious, see how to improve the following YouTube videos!

7 Ways to Increase YouTube Video Ranking in Search Engines

You already know why your video/channel doesn't appear in YouTube search results. Well, then consider some tips to increase the ranking of Youtube videos in the following search engines.

1. Use the Right Title and Keywords
The title of the video is the name of the video that makes the viewer aware of the content in it. Choosing a title that matches the content of the video will be very good for visitors and also for YouTube's algorithm for SEO. Giving a title that matches the content of the video is a way for your video to get SEO optimization.

If you've uploaded a video on YouTube but haven't gotten any views, think again about why someone should watch your video or how easy it is for users to find your video in search results. YouTube videos also need SEO optimization to rank in search results.

2. Fill in the YouTube Video Description
Write a description of the content of the video. The explanations in the first two to three lines are very important to get high rankings in search engines. Provide a short description in two to three lines that includes the theme of the video and what's in the video.

Also, use auto complete keyword phrases in search engines as video descriptions. If the keywords you search for match the first two lines of your video description, then the video will rank higher. So write your video description properly so that it matches the search keywords.

3. Adjust Video File Name Before Uploading
After you take the video and edit it, make sure you have named the video with the format; keyword_key.mp4.

Naming video files with a focus on keywords can help search engines identify what's in the video. The reason is, search engines cannot see into the content of the video, which can help the algorithm find out the content of the video is the name of your video file.

Giving a video a name and title makes it easy to index videos and place them in higher rankings. So use target keyword in your video file name.

4. Use Closed Captions (CC)
Use the Closed Caption (CC) feature on YouTube. CC will display your captions on the video which can help the audience understand the video narration and can be translated into different languages.

The transcript is more or less the script you use when planning the making of the video to the execution of shooting. YouTube's new algorithm automatically transcribes the sound in the video into text that can be activated or you can also manually write the closed caption if the video has no sound.

Using CC is a new way to get into the search engine index because there are keywords written in it. Also, writing a transcript to the video description makes your video search engine friendly. You can also use services like Caption for YouTube to write captions for videos uploaded to YouTube.

5. Use of Tags and Keyword Research
Tags are another important way to rank in YouTube search, here are some tips for using tags in videos:
  • Make a list of specific tags, write down the main keywords. This will make it easier for the algorithm to read your content.
  • List common tags, write appropriate general keywords. For example, if your primary keyword is “Shoutmeloud” then common tags could be “blogging tips,” or “WordPress help.” You can use the Tubebuddy tool to help find the right tags to use in videos. This tool also shows rankings for certain keywords. This tool has been used by many Youtubers and is highly recommended for your YouTube channel.
  • Include tags with misspellings, for example if you use the keyword “real SEO” then include “real SEO.” To find out how people are looking for your videos, check out YouTube analytics and traffic resources.
  • Include the singular and plural forms of the tags you use, for example for the keyword “Tattoo Art” then include the word “Tattoo Art” and separate the keywords into different tags such as “Tattoo” and “Art.”
  • Include phrases to tags such as the long tail keywords you use.
Keyword ideas are an important part of SEO. You can't find all possible keywords to include in your video, use Google Keyword Planner to get ideas for keyword usage.

6. Use interesting video thumbnails
Your video content may already be good, but don't forget to also use attractive thumbnails. Video thumbnails help entice visitors to click on your video. That way, you will increase the CTR (click through rate) of the video. Adding custom thumbnails to your videos can have a drastic impact on CTR which will increase your video's ranking.

7. Make sure the content is useful
Users usually create videos such as entertainment, tutorials, tips, or similar niche videos, then upload them to YouTube. These videos should display content for and of good quality in order to get a satisfactory number of views.

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