How To Add Link In TikTok Bio Without App

How To Add Link In TikTok Bio Without App

The tiktok application is not only used as a means of entertainment, because currently this application is also used for various business and branding purposes. So that the development of features and services from tiktok continues to be improved to meet the needs of users from the personal and business sectors. One feature that is widely used by tiktok users is the tiktok bio.

How To Add Link In TikTok Bio Without App

Usually the bio on tiktok is filled in by users with a link where when followers click the link they will be directed to a menu or other application with certain goals and interests. Maybe you are already familiar with this one feature because Instagram and Facebook also have it. However, to link the link in the tiktok bio is not as easy as adding a link to other applications.

Therefore, we will explain information on how to add a link in the TikTok bio easily and without hassle. We will also provide the benefit of adding a link in the tiktok bio for you personal and business tiktok users. For those of you who are curious, let's take a look with the information that we have compiled from various sources so that you know how to add a link in the TikTok bio and its benefits.

Benefits of Adding a Link in TikTok Bio that You Must Know!

For how to add a link in the tiktok bio, you have to change your tiktok account from a personal to a business account, this is a mandatory requirement from tiktok if you want to link a link in the bio. Broadly speaking, when you first register for an account you will automatically enter the personal category, you will not be able to find settings or settings to add a link in the tiktok bio before turning it into a business account.

To change a personal account into a business account on tiktok it is very easy by going to the application settings and selecting the manage account menu and clicking switch to business account. After changing the tiktok account to a business account, you will find settings or settings to add a link in the tiktok bio. The links that you can add include WhatsApp contacts, social media links, promotional links, and much more.

The benefits of adding a link in the tiktok bio are usually very useful for content creators and business owners so that other users and their followers can find useful links for certain purposes. The link can lead to social media so that it can be subscribed or followed, then the link can also be linked to a WhatsApp contact so that users can contact directly if they are interested in a product.

There are also those who add this link to direct users to the specified marketplace such as shopee, tokopedia, and so on. So you can increase sales, promote products, provide convenience to users, personal branding, and much more. You can use this feature for various purposes and purposes that you want.

Tutorial How to Add Link in TikTok Bio Easily

After knowing about the benefits of adding a link in the tiktok bio, then we will provide a complete tutorial on how to easily add a link in the tiktok bio. The key is that you only need to make your personal tiktok account a business account because the settings to add a link in the tiktok bio are only available when you're in business mode, here's a complete tutorial that you can try and follow:
  1. Open the tiktok application first then login to your account, then open the profile menu and click the edit profile menu which is under the number of followers menu
  2. Scroll down until you find the website menu, in the column provided click add your website
  3. You can type the address of the site or link that you want to link to, another alternative is that you temporarily close the tiktok application and open the application or website that you want to link to on tiktok then copy the link or link
  4. Then return to the tiktok application and paste the link that you copied earlier, you can switch like this by using the background feature on your cellphone
  5. Don't forget to click on the save button in the upper right corner to continue, then check your tiktok account profile again to see if the link is already in the bio
  6. If you have then you have succeeded
  7. You can add other information in the bio menu or email to complete the data that may be needed on your tiktok profile
  8. Done
Finally, the tutorial on how to add a link in the TikTok bio closes our discussion in this article. We hope that the information we share can help you to solve various problems, especially to link the link in the bio in the tiktok application. Don't forget to share if this article is useful for others, we will also look forward to your visit in our next post!
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