How to Change the Instagram Story Background Without an Application!

How to Change the Instagram Story Background Without an Application!

Since its appearance, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications, and even many impromptu celebrities have appeared over time through this application. The increase in users every time makes Instagram continue to improve its features and services according to user needs. From features on Instagram stories to feeds, Instagram now allows users to change the Instagram story background.

Then, how to easily change the background on Instagram stories? For information, this feature is very popular lately because you can change the Instagram story background as you wish. Plus the developer has provided background references that you might be able to use so that when sharing posts it's not as monotonous as usual.

Instead of being curious, we have summarized some important information on how to change the Instagram Story background. You can follow this tutorial or step when you want to change the monotonous Instagram background so that when you share posts via Instagram Stories it will look cool and aesthetic.

How to Change Instagram Story Background Easily

Are you tired of the monotonous IG Story background, how to change the Instagram background color as you wish so that you can display some posts which of course can spoil the eyes of your followers. By changing the background in posts to Instagram stories, your content will be more interesting and creative.

There are several ways to change the Instagram Story background, namely without an application and using the help of a third application. But the most important thing is that you have to update and update your Instagram application through the play store so you can find out what are the latest features that can be used, including the feature to change the background of this IG Story. Here are the steps that you can easily follow:

1. How to Change Instagram Story Background Without Application

The first way that you can use to change the IG Story background is without using an application so you don't need to download another application in order to use this feature. This method is fairly easy but has limited accessibility so you can only change the background of the IG Story simply, but it doesn't hurt to try and here's the tutorial:
  • First you have to first select the photo you want to post on Instagram Story, you can share photos that have been posted or use new photos through the gallery
  • After entering the Instagram Story editing page, click home and enter the phone gallery menu
  • Let Instagram Story editing run in the background and click the gallery menu to select the desired background photo
  • Try to choose a background image that has a soft color and matches your main photo to make it look unified and comfortable to look at
  • After determining the photo you want to use, click the option on the photo and select copy
  • Next, go back into the Instagram Story editing application and choose a sticker, later the photo that you will copy can be pasted and adjusted to become the Instagram Story background
  • If when you press the sticker but the background photo doesn't appear then you can also directly paste the photo by clicking the text box and holding the cursor until the words paste appears.
2. Changing the IG Story Background Through the Swiftkey Keyboard Application
If the previous method didn't work to change the IG Story background, then you can use another method, namely through the SwiftKey keyboard application. You can download this application officially through the play store and app store according to the type of phone you are using. After downloading the SwiftKey keyboard application, here is a tutorial to change the background using this application:
  • The first step is to first install the SwiftKey keyboard application on your cellphone by opening the application and clicking enable SwiftKey
  • You can also open the phone settings and select the language and input menu then click manage keyboard and activate it
  • Open and log in to your Instagram application, then choose the photo you want to post, you can share what feed posts, choose photos through the gallery
  • If you choose to share posts from the feed then select the airplane icon to share it to Instagram Story, if you want to choose a photo from the gallery then click the plus (+) icon on the account profile and and select Story then on the Story page select the photo in the gallery
  • Then try to type something until the swiftkey keyboard appears, then click the sticker icon and the pin icon and the camera Plus icon in the upper right corner
  • Choose a background image that has the appropriate size then click the send button
  • Adjust the size of the background until it fills the screen and you're done
  • Finally you can share your post by clicking continue or finish
The final word
That's the information we can summarize about how to change the Instagram Story background in two ways that you can choose. Hopefully the information we convey can help you to add variety to Instagram Story posts. Thank you for reading the article to the end and see you in the next article!