How to create a blogger account and settings for SEO purposes

how to create a blogger account

Many easy steps that people use in seeking profit. One easy way is to take advantage of online tools. You don't even need to spend a lot of capital because the work can be done online. Of the many options available, many people are looking for a way to create a blogger account. This is for the sake of sharing information as well.

Some people who like to write and share their writings with others can use this method as well. You can create a blog easily from a variety of devices. Blogs are sites that many people use to write and earn money. So, the large number of visitors that enter your account can be profitable.

How to Create a Blogger Account on HP

You can create an account for free to earn profits. Of course, there are various steps that are right for creating a blog. You only need to use basic devices such as laptops or cellphones for account creation. All processes can be done easily and quickly. You just need to use the following steps in account creation:

Download app

An easy step that you can take advantage of much first is to download the app. You can create a blog from your phone by first searching for the app. Just search to create an account. You can use Google Play Store as an option or also use other places in the download. For example, using the App Store too.

Enter email

The next step that you can take advantage of is to enter an email. Your email address is essential for any account you will create. So is the case with blogger accounts. You can use some easy steps by entering the appropriate account data. Use an active email account to create the desired account.

Account login

After registering an account using an email address, you can use the next step again. Just login to the account using the same email and password as the previous registration. After logging into the account according to the registration data, you can make edits.

Edit profile

You can proceed with editing an existing profile. This one step is done if you manage to get into the application. Just start filling out the existing profile according to your own wishes. You can also use the directions or instructions on the edit profile page. If so, just create a new blog.

How to Create Account from PC

Of course, you can also use other steps by choosing PC as the right choice. You can create an account with a larger device and the steps are not much different. Here are some steps you can use to create an account:

Open browser

An easy step that you can use first is to open a browser. Just enter in the website address column. Make sure you are using a smooth connection in how to create a blogger account.

Create account

You can press create blog to create your own blog. Just create an account using email. You can also create a new account in your own blogspot. The data can be completed by entering the name and password in the account creation.

Complete profile

Next, directly complete the existing profile to continue with other steps. You will be directed to directly fill out the profile. However, it can be filled in later if you have not had time to complete the data.

Easy way to set up a blogger account

To make settings in a blogger account, you can use a few simple steps. Basic settings are certainly needed in creating a blog. You can click the settings menu at the bottom left. You can make your blog more interesting by using the following steps:

Basic settings

In the basic settings, you can make settings according to the desired blog content. This way can make search engines understand your blog. The title section for the name of the blog site then there is a description section. This section aims for a brief explanation related to the blog. Then, select the blog language and also set the adult content according to the blog content.

You can also set the google analytics property ID so that it can be used for tracking to all users. You can also check the favicon which is an icon image as a visual object.


The next way to set a blogger account that you can do is set privacy. If you want your blog to be seen by many people in a google search, you can just activate the feature.


The next setting you can do is publication. You can enter the blog URL in the blog address section. Also enter the desired domain for changes in the custom domain. There is also a replacement subdomain as an additional part of the main domain. There is also a domain switch that works to enable http or https.


For settings in the interests of blog SEO, you can use https. This method is useful for providing secure notifications to users. Meanwhile, http will give a warning notification if the data sent is less secure. Settings like this are important for your blog account.

Set permissions

The next step that can be done in the way of setting a blogger account is setting permissions. You can use some easy steps in settings. In the admin and authors section, you can add people. There is also a pending author invite to view admin invites. In this setting, you can also invite more authors.


The next setting menu that you can do is set the post. There is a maximum number of posts that can be set. You can also create an opening letter with an entry template. There is also a setting for the image lightbox so that it can appear full. Immediately activate this one feature.


There are other settings that you can use to manage the blogs in your account. You can choose to embed the comment box in each post. Also set who can comment on your posts. There is comment moderation to set comments to appear immediately or through your prior consent. Don't forget the captcha feature and also message the comment form.


The next step that can be done is to post using email. It's better if you set it off. You can also fill in the email in the comment notification section. So, all comments will go to the email address as well.

That's how to create a blogger account that you can do easily. If you do some important basic setup like that, you can get lots of people visiting. So, can get more profit from the blog.