How to Delete Messages At Once on Gmail

How to delete messages at once on Gmail?

A few days ago, the issue of global warming and demonstrations by scientists may have reached your gadget screen. And one of the easiest ways to contribute to improving nature is by deleting emails you no longer need and using an eco-friendly scatter engine. I will not give the name of the search engine that is said to be environmentally friendly.

In my own opinion, it doesn't matter too much if they continue to use online platforms as a means of entertainment that they don't really need in their lives.

In my thought, the use of online platforms and trash uploads made by some people without any particular interest in the platform is more influential than deleting useless messages on the Gmail platform.

Of course, this article is not discussing carbon emissions or the like that can affect global temperatures. Maybe something like that can be addressed in another article. You can search the internet for other articles if this is not what you are looking for.

I also have no right to prevent your choice to delete these useless emails. Because, after all, these actions are also counted as contributing even though it is minimal.

Maybe some of you don't understand how to delete emails at once on the Gmail platform. Therefore, here we want to share with you the information to delete multiple emails at once.

But before learning more about deleting multiple emails at once, it's good if you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of deleting emails on the Gmail platform.

The Benefits of Deleting Email

The benefits for you if deleting it

What are the benefits of deleting your emails for yourself? Yes, for yourself, not for the benefit of the company nor the whole world.

As a Google user, your account is provided with free online storage within certain limits. Having a lot of emails can, of course, burden the online storage, and eventually, your Gmail service can't receive messages anymore.

Therefore, deleting your old emails that are no longer needed can be a solution to free up your online storage burden on the Gmail platform.

Apart from that, clearing out most of the emails can also make your browsing or navigation on the platform more accessible and faster. You no longer need to look through one by one to find the required email among useless emails.

Disadvantages of Deleting Email

Disadvantages for you for deleting it

Not only does it have an advantage, but deleting an email also has a downside for you. As in the profit session, the meaning of loss here is a loss for you, not for the company, let alone the universe.

If you have permanently deleted your email, the data on the platform's storage is also deleted. This means you will lose the email forever.

You need to know that not all emails contain offers, invitations, nonsense, to spam. Some large companies also sometimes provide email prizes or sweepstakes for us to claim. And deleting it before claiming it is a bad accident.

Try to check your emails one by one before deleting them steadily. Maybe you are some of the people who get the opportunity to receive gifts from these big companies.

Steps to Delete Emails at Once

I want to share two ways to delete it on this occasion, namely through windows and android.

In my opinion, deleting via windows is faster and more efficient than from Android. Because Windows has a wider screen and more navigation than Android, which only has a touch screen feature

But, it's up to you if you state different people's choices. Whereas the basis of selection is rational, choosing something better and useful.

Delete Email via Android

  1. Open the Chrome app.
  2. Enable desktop browsing mode
  3. Access from the app
  4. If you are already logged into your account, scroll down until you find the word "desktop"
  5. Confirm that you really want to access the desktop version.
  6. After that, you can delete the total or some you want by grouping them using the square symbol on the left and click the trash can symbol.
Deleting via android is probably the only way for Gmail users if they don't have access to windows. Getting used to using the touch screen to zoom in, zoom out and scroll the screen probably won't make it difficult

Unlike the case with Windows users who rarely or even never use Android, though. But demanded to delete some of his emails for some reason. And in the vicinity, there is only android as a means to access his Gmail account.

Delete Email via Windows

  1. Open the internet access software
  2. Access
  3. Log-in if you are not logged in
  4. After that, you can delete the total or some you want by grouping them using the square symbol on the left and click the trash can symbol.
Windows users can quickly and efficiently click and scroll using the mouse. The time required is also not too long, like navigating the screen with just the screen touch option.

But not everyone can understand how to operate windows correctly and adequately. Some don't even want to know because they stubbornly have been taught that windows are complex and complicated.

In fact, all complicated things look simple if you are used to operate them, including windows.Apart from operating email via Windows or Android, we have shared information about deleting email simultaneously from both hardware in this session.


That's our lesson in this session. In essence, if you want to help the environment, do something tangible such as planting trees, preventing the destruction of nature, and so on.

I find it a little strange to see people who are busy and frantically deleting their e-mails which are not necessarily the information conveyed by these people, but instead are busy seeing useless entertainment on specific platforms.

If you want to insist on using these platforms, try to be a good influence on people and only provide valid information. One more important thing is that it is not prohibited by the government, the culture you live in, or religion.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, don't hesitate to discuss in the comments column if you have other ideas. And thus, the essay How to Delete Messages At Once on Gmail