How to do SEO optimization on Instagram

SEO optimization on Instagram
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SEO optimization strategies with keywords are not only used to bring up the website on the first page of Google, you know. You can also use it for Instagram Business.

Recently, Instagram allowed its users to search by keyword. For example, through keywords in content, bio, and Instagram username.

By implementing Instagram SEO optimization, your Instagram will appear in the top rankings of Instagram search engines. So, business Instagram will be easier for followers to find relevant to your business.
Curious about how to do Instagram SEO optimization? Take it easy, in this article we will explain it in full. Let's just read this article to the end!

What is Instagram SEO?
Instagram SEO is a process of optimizing Instagram content. The goal is to increase the ranking of your Instagram profile in Instagram search engine results.

By implementing Instagram SEO, your content will be more easily found by your potential followers. The more discoverable your Instagram profile is, the more benefits you can get. Starting from increasing brand awareness, increasing the number of followers, to skyrocketing content engagement.

Not to mention, in business, these followers can be your prospects to become your customers. So there are also many benefits of Instagram SEO, right?

8+ Ways to Optimize Instagram SEO

Here's how to optimize Instagram SEO for your business:

1. Optimize Instagram Profile

Instagram search engine is the first destination for users when looking for profiles or posts on Instagram. But, of course, not all profiles will appear in search results. Because, Instagram will display profiles that match keywords.

To show your profile in search results, you first need to optimize your business Instagram profile. The method is as follows:
  • Change profile settings to public
  • Use a business-appropriate profile photo. For example with a brand logo or product being sold.
  • Create a business brand that is easily searchable and recognizable. For example, if you open a coffee shop, use the keyword cafe or coffee.
  • Register an Instagram account to Instagram Business
  • Include your online business website link in your Instagram bio

2. Enter the Main Keyword into the Username and Display Name

Instagram SEO makes it easy for followers to search for your Instagram profile based on the keywords they are looking for. When they type in a keyword, the Instagram search engine immediately displays the profile and content containing that keyword.

To make your profile appear in business-relevant keywords, enter your primary keywords into your username and display name. For example, you are in the business of sandals. Use the keyword "slippers" in the username or display name.

3. Add Derivative Keywords on Instagram Bio

It's okay if your username and display name don't contain the main keyword. You can still add primary and secondary keywords in your business Instagram bio.

For example, you are in the business of cases for the iPhone. Add a derived keyword in your bio like: “cheap iPhone case”. Once there are followers who are looking for cheap iPhone cases, your profile has a chance to appear in search results.

When adding derived keywords, condense the bio message on your Instagram. Because Instagram has a character limit in the bio column.

4. Maximize Alt Text

Like image optimization on website SEO, you can also optimize images using alt text on Instagram, you know.

Instagram alt text can help the Instagram algorithm show your photos to followers who like that type of content. Because, alt text describes the content of your image.

Plus, Instagram's alt text makes it easy for Google's search engines to find your content. The trick, you need to insert keywords with high search volume on Google in your alt text.

Well, here are the steps to use alt text on your Instagram content:
  • Before posting content, scroll down and click Advanced Settings.
  • After that click Write Alt Text.
  • Then write a description of your content. After that click Done.
If you have already posted content without alt text, you can still add it. You do this by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner > Edit > Edit Alt Text.

5. Use Keywords in Hashtags

You can also use hashtags in the form of primary keywords that are still relevant to your business. Hashtags will help your content to be more easily found by your followers on Instagram search engines.

For example, Topmoneylink posts unlimited hosting discount content on Instagram. To make it easier for followers to find, we use the hashtags #unlimitedhosting, #promohosting and #promodomain
Say there is a potential customer who wants to create an online store website. He is looking for cheap unlimited hosting services. Then he looked for the hashtag on Instagram. Our marketing content has the opportunity to appear on their Instagram search engine.

So, how do you choose a good hashtag for maximum results? Here are the tips:
  • Monitor the hashtags used by competitors
  • Tracking the popularity level of selected hashtags in the tool
  • Analysis of successful hashtags on previous posts
  • Avoid spamming hashtags

6. Use Derivative Keywords in Captions

In addition to increasing searches through hashtags, you can also write captions that are relevant to the content. Don't forget to add derived keywords to your caption.

Why should it be like that?

Instagram uses machine learning to determine which content will appear in explore. Armed with only keywords and context captions, machine learning can choose content that is considered most relevant to user needs.

For example, Topmoneylink posts webinar posters for online business owners. The topic is increasing revenue with an online store website. Therefore, in the caption we use the keywords online shop website, online shop, online class and webinars.

7. Pay Attention to Instagram Insights to See Reach Content

After performing the optimization steps above, you can use Instagram analytics called Insight. The goal is to see how each content you create is performing. Starting from the content in the feed to Instagram Stories.

Through Insights, you can evaluate content through several metrics. Each metric has its own function and ways to maximize it.
  • Reach
Reach is a metric to measure the number of followers who are exposed to the content created. How to maximize it is with hashtags, sponsored content, and giveaways.
  • Saves
Saves is a metric that measures users who save your Instagram content. The way to maximize it is to create interesting, relevant, and useful content for users.
  • Impression
Impression is a metric that measures the number of times your content or ad appears on a user's screen. Whether it's content that gets clicks or content that is left alone.

For example, your content impressions are 100. That is, your post appears on the user's screen 100 times.

You can maximize it by placing paid ads. With ads, your content will be displayed on the screens of the users you want.
  • Like and comment
Likes and comments are a metric to see user engagement or engagement on your content. How to maximize it is to create interactive content captions. For example, by provoking users with relevant questions.
  • Audience
Audience is a metric to find out the types of users or followers who respond to your content. For example, their character, age, interests, and active hours of responding to content.

These metrics can help you post content to a more specific audience in a more effective time. For example, it turns out that the majority of followers who respond to our hosting promo content are online business owners. They are usually active in responding to content after lunch.

That way, we can adjust the form of content and the time of posting according to that info.

8. Take advantage of Instagram Tags and Mentions

You can also optimize Instagram SEO by taking advantage of the tag and mention features in Instagram Stories. Because this will make your content and profile easier for potential followers to find.
The more you get tags and mentions from other profiles, Instagram will rate your content as relevant. That way, your content will have a great chance of appearing on your followers' Instagram search engines.

Then how to maximize tags and mentions?
  • Create collaborative content
To make it easy for your content to get tags and mentions, create collaborative content or content that is relevant to your followers.

For example, CfDS UGM held a Digital Discussion event with resource persons from Topmoneylink. In the promotional post, Topmoneylink also gets tags and mentions to our Instagram profile.
  • Tag and mention other users you work with
You can also tag other users and include their username in the caption. The goal is for your content to be included in the photo collection of other users' tagging features. Who knows users from other profiles see your content in that feature.
  • Use location tags
You can also add location tags in your content. For example the location where an event is held or the location of your business.

By using location tags, your content will be easier to find. This is because content has the opportunity to appear when users find out about what is happening in a location.

Let's Optimize Instagram SEO for Your Business Content!
Well, that was the way to optimize Instagram SEO. Easy, right?

By practicing the methods above, your content on Instagram will be easier for users to find. If so, of course there are many benefits that you can get. Starting from increasing brand awareness, engagement, even to sales figures.

In addition to the Instagram SEO optimization strategy, you can also do other digital marketing strategies. If you are interested in learning, you can click the free ebook below. Hopefully it's useful!