How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Appearing

How to Fix Instagram Stories Not Appearing

Not long ago, many people were wondering why Instagram stories are not showing up. Are you also looking for that? If so, please refer to the explanation that I will give here.
Instagram stories or what we usually call this snapgram, often suddenly becomes an error when we want to open it, no image or video appears at all. Usually your phone screen will display a bright white screen only.

Of course, by not being able to view and upload Stories on Instagram, there's something missing, right? With this Story feature, you can upload activities with a 24 hour time limit.

There are several problems that usually occur such as, your device memory is full, the network is unstable and many other obstacles. To overcome something like this, of course, is very easy, here I will give some tips and tricks that you can follow to fix why Instagram stories don't appear.

Cause Instagram Story Can't Be Opened

There are several reasons why Instagram Stories can't be opened, of course, those of you who want to justify this must know. So, what are the things that make Instagram Stories unable to be opened? Here is the explanation below:
  • The first, usually this is caused by the network connection you are using is unstable or weak.
  • The Instagram application that you are using is still using the old version.
  • Or Instagram is really having an error or problem that day.
Usually this makes us feel irritated right? Especially when you're having fun scrolling the story, suddenly there's an instant error. So, how do we fix it so that we can see photos or videos that someone uploaded on their Story? Here's how.

How to Overcome Instagram Stories Can't Upload Videos or Doesn't Appear.

Surely you're upset about not being able to open Instagram Stories? Relax, there are several ways you can do as below:

1. Make sure the network you are using is stable
The first is, make sure that the network you are using is strong and stable. Because, the problem you are facing could be the cause of a weak and less powerful network.

A weak signal will make the Instagram application unable to work optimally such as not being able to play videos, opening photos, and not being able to upload activities or activities that you are doing on Instagram Stories.

2. Update Instagram to the Latest Version
The second problem is that the Instagram version you are using is far behind or an old version. With that, the Instagram application will not be able to work as well as possible if you are still using the old version.

Updates can also be in the form of improvements to previous features, for example like this Story. So, you can update Instagram to the latest version to be able to open Instagram Stories as usual.

3. Clear Cache on Instagram App
The third is cache that accumulates, things like this will make your storage space full and will interfere with your activities in uploading or viewing Instagram stories of friends or people you are following.

Actually to clear the cache is quite easy, you can follow the method I gave as below:
  • First, please enter the Settings menu on your cellphone
  • Then go to the Application menu and the Instagram method
  • Click on Instagram and select the clear cache option
  • Done
4. Clear Data on Instagram App
The last thing is to delete the Instagram application data that you have, by deleting Instagram data it will automatically exit your Instagram account and you have to re-login in order to use the features that have been provided.

To delete Instagram application data, you can follow the method I will provide as below:
  • First, please enter the Settings menu on your cellphone
  • Then go to the Application menu and the Instagram method
  • Click on Instagram and select the clear data option
  • Done
When finished, you will be asked to re-login using the account that was previously registered.