How to Make Tiktok Pocky Love for Boyfriend!

How to Make Tiktok Pocky Love for Boyfriend!

Recently, netizens are being shocked by a trend that is being followed by many lovers. The trend is called Pocky Love Tiktok or Poki Love Tiktok which makes many people curious about how to make it.

You must already know that TikTok itself is a social media application that is currently trending and is widely used by smartphone users. In its application, TikTok provides a variety of content in the form of short videos that are very entertaining and can be used as a place to find the latest information, aka viral.

More than just an application, Tiktok also has various other functions such as a product promotion place, a place to sell on a Tiktok shop and so on. However, the most popular thing about the tiktok application is the various latest trends that can go viral via Tiktok to other social media and the internet.
Like one trend that is currently viral among tiktok users, namely Pocky love, which is currently making many people curious. For those of you who want to know more about the Poki Love Tiktok trend, let's just take a look at the full review below.

What is TikTok Pocky Love?

You must already know that the Tiktok application has long been known for content that has gone viral on social media and the internet. Moreover, dance video content and viral challenges that have recently appeared are the most popular on this social media platform.

In addition, Tiktok also sometimes brings up other trends such as greetings, unique gifts and makes many people follow it. Pocky love itself is the latest trend that is now being followed and liked by many tiktok users.

Pocky is a brand of one of the snacks made by glico Japan in the form of a stick-shaped biscuit wrapped in chocolate which is very popular with many people. Besides being delicious to eat, Pocky's wrappers are also quite unique and can be used as a gift hill.

The Pocky love trend is a trend where users on social media make their uploads when giving Pocky bucket gifts as gifts for girlfriends or loved ones. The box-shaped Pocky packs are arranged in such a way that they form a heart or love.

This trend has gone viral in the last few days, making many people curious and want to make it themselves. Well, for those of you who might want to try to make this Pocky love bouquet yourself, then you can refer to the explanation below.

How to Make Tiktok Pocky Love for Boyfriend!

Did you know, making a Pocky love gift bouquet that is currently viral is actually very easy to do. For those of you who want to give gifts to special people, maybe you can use this method while following the trend that is going viral on Tiktok.

To make a Poki love bucket, the first thing you have to prepare is a pack or box of Poki snacks of various flavors. This snack has a fairly cheap price, which is around 8 thousand rupiah for one box, and you can get it at the nearest minimarket.

Next, before you make a love-shaped bucket, you have to arrange it in such a way, but before that, remove the contents first so that the basket you make can be shaped and light.
For the contents of the Pocky, later you can give it yourself to your partner separately. You can also choose not to remove the contents of the Pocky, but you must choose a strong glue so that the arrangement of the Pocky boxes can remain firmly attached and not released.

Here is a tutorial that you can follow to make a Pocky love bucket that is going viral on Tiktok.
  1. First, prepare 8 boxes of Pocky whose taste can be adjusted according to the preferences of the person you want to give this bucket.
  2. You can remove the contents of the Pocky cake inside, or you can also not remove the contents.
  3. After that, prepare a strong glue such as glue gun or you can also use double-sided tape.
  4. After the materials and tools are collected, assemble each part of the Pocky and glue it using glue or double-sided tape.
  5. You can see the shape of the poke pattern on Google or YouTube via the following link.
  6. If you have, you can give it to the people closest to you such as your lover or close friend.
Finally, that's the information we can share with you about the viral Poki Love Tiktok trend, hopefully it's useful and stay tuned for more interesting information updates from our site!