How to Make Youtube Videos Crowded Watched

How to Make Youtube Videos Crowded Watched

Maybe a lot of youtubers are dizzy because the youtube video audience is quiet. no one is even watching.
This problem is experienced by many youtubers, when they upload videos and the video is 1 month old but only 10 or 50 people watch it. Of course, if it's like this, how can we get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in less than 1 year.

But don't worry, because the admin will share tips on how to get many YouTube videos to watch.
You can do these tips on all your YouTube videos. and I guarantee your youtube audience will increase every day.

How to Make Youtube Videos Crowded Watching.

You can follow the tips below patiently and carefully:

1. Create an attractive youtube video title.
The title of the video is one of the efforts we can do to attract the attention of potential viewers. For example, if you make a video about vacations, then the title is made like this: Vacation with Big Family and Something Weird!.
The example in the title above of course the potential audience will ask questions. about the title that reads Something Weird.
Finally, the audience clicks on your video.
It's very simple, this first method.

2. Create attractive video thumbnails.
This thumbnail is very important for our video, because this Thumbnail will appear at the beginning of your video.
so you guys make your video Thumbnails that are interesting and in accordance with the content of your videos.
An example of an interesting Thumbnail.

How to Make Youtube Videos Crowded Watched

3. Create an appropriate video description.
We often don't make a description, even if we just leave it blank. this is one of the things that makes our videos empty of viewers. because our videos do not appear on the YouTube home page or on the YouTube search page.
So for you YouTubers beginners. please make a description of your video that matches your content.
So that the youtube system understands the content of your video earlier.

4. Tags or keywords.
Tags are youtube search keywords, so you are required to create keywords about your videos.
An example of your video on how to add free Instagram followers. then the tag or keyword is:
how to add followers, how to add instagram followers, how to add free instagram followers.
So, at the end of each keyword, you have to separate it with a comma.

To set this tag or keyword. You can open the YouTube Studio application and then click on the video you want to tag or keyword for. then you just search for edit videos and then it will appear at the bottom of the tag writing.
That's where you add the tags or keywords you want to create.

5. Videos are shared on social media.
The video you just made, don't ever let it go. of course your video viewers will not exist.
But once you make a video, then you share your video to social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.
It will increase the viewers on your youtube videos.

Have you ever seen people who share their YouTube videos on social media? well they did it, to increase their audience.
So this is a very effective way to increase the audience on your YouTube videos.

Ok, guess how do you understand about the article on how to get a lot of youtube videos to watch.
Well, it seems like until here, the admin will share about YouTube.
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