How to Overcome the WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Appearing

How to Overcome the WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Appearing

Not long ago, netizens were shocked by the reaction feature on WhatsApp. Many WhatsApp users are happy with this update. However, there were some people who were confused because the reaction feature didn't appear. Have you experienced this? If so, here I will provide a way to solve it.

WhatsApp is always developing some of the features they have. With so many chat applications starting to appear, WhatsApp doesn't want to be outdone by the others and continues to develop its platform.

The new feature launched by WhatsApp is Reactions on WhatsApp Messages. So, how do you bring up the latest WA features on your cellphone? And how to use it?

For those of you who are curious, make sure that you listen to the explanation that I will give here to the end. So that later, there will be no misunderstanding in trying it.

The WhatsApp application is certainly the most popular platform and the most widely used chat application by everyone. WhatsApp itself always shares a feature that can support its users for communication needs.

WhatsApp's newest feature is Reactions on WhatsApp Messages, this one feature makes it easier for users to be able to respond to messages conveyed by other users. You can use this feature in direct messages or in grub.

This one feature is your response to messages that other people send using an emoji. The emoji or response you give will be seen by the sender of the message, in fact this reaction feature already exists in many other social media applications.

In fact, this WhatsApp reaction feature may already be familiar to users of the Telegram application. How not, Telegram has had this reaction feature for a long time and is often used by its users.

With this feature, users now don't need to manually send a sticker or emoji to simply reply to messages in direct messages or in groups.

Why WhatsApp Reaction Feature Doesn't Appear?

From several sources we have obtained, according to Mark Zuckerberg, this WhatsApp reaction feature can be used by some WhatsApp users. However, there are still some users who have not been able to use this one feature.

Because, the WhatsApp reaction feature itself can only be used on the latest version of WhatsApp, namely version You can update WhatsApp on Google Play Store or App Store. Not a few WhatsApp users have not been able to use this reaction feature. For those of you who can't use it, please try to update to the latest version.

How to Overcome the WhatsApp Reaction Feature Not Appearing

How about the explanation I gave above, of course, if the WhatsApp reaction feature doesn't appear, you have to pay attention to whether your WA version has entered the latest version. Because, if your WhatsApp version is still the old one, then you won't be able to use this one feature.

You can update WhatsApp with the link I provided below:

Latest WhatsApp Google Play Store Version > HERE
Latest WhatsApp Appstore Version > HERE
Please update your WhatsApp to the latest version at this time using the link I have provided above.

How to Use the Reaction Feature on WhatsApp

To use the react feature on WhatsApp, make sure that you have updated to the latest version. After that, you will immediately be able to use it. For how to use it, you can follow the method I gave below.
  • First, make sure that you have updated WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • After that, open your WhatsApp application.
  • Go to private or group messages.
  • Select a message and hold the message.
  • Later, several emojis will appear that you can use.
  • Done.
That's the information that we can only provide about why the WhatsApp Reaction Feature Doesn't Appear. I hope the information I have provided can help you in finding out new things.