Should know! This is the easiest way to set up SEO on Blogger

How to set SEO on Blogger

How to set SEO on Blogger needs to be done carefully and also carefully. The goal of course is in order to make a blog or website able to compete in the search engines. So that it can bring organic traffic to the website.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a set of specific techniques used to optimize a website. Through this optimization process, the performance and performance of a blog will be able to experience a significant increase in visits.

How to Set SEO on Blogger to Make Your Blog More Optimal

In general, there are two different types of SEO techniques, namely SEO ONPAGE and SEO OFFPAGE. For Onpage SEO, it is related to setting SEO techniques on your website or blog pages.
For you Blogger users, of course, you also need to know how to set these settings so that your blog can compete with other competitors. For information, here are some ways to set SEO on blogger that you need to know.

How to Set SEO on Blogger Meta Tag Section Description

The Description Meta tag is one of the important features related to SEO techniques. This feature is built into Blogger so that it allows you to enter blog meta descriptions more easily without having to manually enter the template.
The process of activating this meta description tag is also quite easy because it can be done directly through the Blogger dashboard. To activate the Meta Description Tag feature, you can follow the following guide.
  • Please enter into your Blogger account Dashboard.
  • Then please select in the Settings menu or Settings.
  • If so, please go to the Search Preferences menu section
  • Later you will find the Meta Tags section. Please you can click on the Edit section and after that a question will appear "Enable Search Descriptions?" and please select Yes.
  • Next you only need to enter a description of the blog that you have. Then please click the "Save Changes" section to save the settings.
By following some of these guidelines, you can also make SEO settings on Meta Descriptions on Blogger.

How to Set SEO Meta Tags Description Blogger Posts

In addition to the meta description on the blog or website section, you also need to put a meta description on the post. If the meta description of the blog does not need to be changed then this is not the case with the meta description of the post.
You can use different meta descriptions for different posts that are tailored to the content of the article. The use of meta descriptions in this post will make the performance of your blog or website even more optimal.

For information, how to set SEO on Blogger to set the description meta tag on posts is actually quite easy. If you have set the description meta tag for the blog as stated in the first section above, automatically on the right side of the editor a menu will appear to enter the post description meta.
Please you can enter a meta description according to the keywords or keywords you are aiming for. As an additional suggestion, make sure that you include these keywords in the meta description section to make it easier for search engines to read and find your website.
While you can freely enter post descriptions, it's a good idea to keep a few things in mind. For example, the use of keywords that match the post and also the number of characters from the meta description. Avoid using a description that is more than 160 characters because it is not good for your blog's SEO performance.

Make Robot Meta Tag Settings

The next feature that is also important for SEO Blogger is the Meta Robot Tag. This feature is useful for marking and notifying search engines about which parts may be indexed by search engine crawlers.
Generally, this feature can be used to overcome the reading of duplicate content on a blog. Especially the potential for duplicate content on archive pages and also searches on your blog site.
For those of you who are still confused about setting the Robot Meta Tag on Blogger, here are some easy steps.
  • Please login to your Blogger account Dashboard.
  • After that, you can go to the Settings menu and select the Search Preferences menu.
  • Then please select Enable Custom Robot Header Tag. You can make settings according to your preferences and adjusted to the condition of the blog you have.
  • If you have then please click Save Changes to save the SEO settings that have been made previously.
The use of this Robot Meta Tag is a very important thing to do. With the right settings, search engine robots will be able to crawl and index your website more quickly and optimally.

Use Settings in the Form of Sub-Heading When Creating Content

You need to know that search engines 'like' structured blog or website content. Content that has a structure will certainly make it easier for search engines to map the type of content you have.
In addition, structured content will also make it easier for website readers to find the right information. So that the readers become more satisfied with the presentation of the content.
One way that can be used to create structured content is the use of sub-headings or sub-headings. As much as possible avoid writing content that only contains paragraphs.
You can use the help of headings, sub-headings, and so on to make the content more organized. Well-organized content will certainly not make readers bored.

SEO settings on post images

When creating content, you should not only use writing. But you also need to use other additional media as a complement. One of them is a visual image or supporting image in the content.
The way that can be used to set SEO on post images is to use the help of the "alt" and "title" attributes. Although Blogger will automatically add these two attributes, they are generally not optimal so you need to make separate settings.
How to set the SEO settings on the post image section is actually quite easy. After the image is uploaded to the content on the dashboard, please click on the image section.
If so, please select the Properties section and then enter the targeted keyword in the column provided. Thus, if you type these keywords in the image search field, your post has the potential to appear on the search results page.
That's a complete discussion about How to Set SEO on Blogger that you need to know. Now with this discussion, you no longer need to feel confused if you want to make arrangements for the Onpage SEO component on your website.