This is the easiest way to register a blog to GSC!

This is the easiest way to register a blog to GSC!

Even though you have successfully created a blog, it is possible that your blog cannot be indexed by the Google search engine. If that's the case, then it's likely that you haven't registered your blog with the GSC. But what is called the GSC? and how to register a blog to this GSC? You can find the answer in the review below.

Understanding and How to Register a Blog to GSC

Google Search Console or better known as GSC, is a service from Google that is provided free of charge. Especially for web masters who want to know how far a website or blog can be seen (indexed) by the Google search engine itself.
At first, this one Google service was called Google Webmaster. It was only on May 20, 2015, this Google service, which is provided free of charge, began to change its name to Google Search Console (GSC) as you know it today.
In other words, as long as your blog has not been registered with this GSC, it is unlikely that your blog can appear and be visible on the Google search engine. If indeed registering a blog to the GSC is one of the most important things, then how do you register your blog to the GSC?
To help you, the following will provide some tutorials on how to register a blog that you have previously created for Google services, better known as GSC. The steps you need to take include:

1. Set Up the Same Gmail Account When Creating a Blog

The first step you need to do to register a blog with GSC is to set up a Gmail account. Make sure that you have set up the same Gmail account as when you created the blog.

2. Login to GSC

After a Gmail account is available, you can directly login to the GSC site. You can visit this GSC site at Of course, by using a Gmail account that you have prepared beforehand.

3. Register (Verify) Your Blog Address

How to register a blog to the next GSC is to verify the blog's address. The steps you need to take include:
  • On the GSC page, find and click the search property option
  • Then continue by clicking the add property option
  • The next step, write the address of the blog that you created earlier in the URL prefix
  • Then click the continue option
  • After you have clicked the continue option, then next, you can click the HTML tag option
  • After the HTML tag has appeared on your PC/computer/laptop screen, then you can click the copy option, which serves to copy the HTML
  • The next step, paste (paste) the HTML that you copied earlier, on your blog template. Precisely in the section between the <head><head> . tags
  • The last step, you can click the verify option, then return to the GSC main page

4. Clicking on the Sitemap Menu

  • Even though your blog address has been verified, in fact the way to register a blog to the GSC is not yet fully completed. Because there are a few more steps that you have to do, before finally your blog can be seen on the Google search engine.
  • One of them is by adding a sitemap from your blog. To do so, you can perform the steps as below. Among them:
  • Select and click the sitemap menu
  • Continue by filling in the add a new sitemap field by typing sitemap.xml
  • Wait a while until the status column on the sitemap changes to status with the words success
  • If the success status has appeared, it means that your blog has been successfully registered to the GSC, and can now be indexed easily by the Google search engine.
That's the easiest way to register a blog to GSC. From the explanation above, it seems that you have been able to answer some of your doubts about the problems on the blog that you have. One of them is about the problem of blogs that have not been seen in the Google search engine. Hopefully the information above can be useful!