What is a Sitemap and How Do I Submit a Blog/Website Sitemap?

What is a Sitemap and How Do I Submit a Blog/Website Sitemap?

In general, every search engine has a special crawler whose job is to crawl each website through every link it passes. To facilitate the search carried out by crawlers, all lists of pages on the website should be saved in sitemap format, as well as an XML sitemap. But do you know, what is a sitemap and how to submit a blog/website sitemap?

What is a Sitemap and How to Submit a Blog/Website Sitemap to Search Engines?

Ideally, every website consists of several important pages. Where with the many important pages on the website, of course, it will make crawlers have a little difficulty in exploring each link, which leads to and also sent by the website.

In other words, as long as the important pages on the website are not compiled and stored properly in a special storage file, it is unlikely that the website will be found by crawlers.

For that reason, it is known that there is a sitemap file that functions to store and display a complete list of all web pages. While on the Google search engine, the protocol regarding the sitemap file used carries the XML sitemap format. This policy has been established since 2015.

Broadly speaking, sitemaps are divided into several types. Among them:

Normal XML Sitemap. Is a type of sitemap that links directly to the website

Video Sitemaps. Serves to help search engines understand every video content on the website

Image Sitemaps. Is a type of sitemap that serves to help search engines understand every image on the website

News Sitemap. Functions in helping search engines find content on the website, which was previously approved by Google

How to Submit a Website/Blog Sitemap to Get Indexed by Search Engines

In addition to knowing what a sitemap is, you also actually need to know how to submit a sitemap from your website or blog. Especially for those of you who really want your blog/website to be detected by search engines.

For those of you who are currently using the Google search engine, then of course you need to know what a sitemap is and how to submit a blog/website sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC). Why should GSC? Because indeed, the GSC is one of Google's services that is specifically tasked with indexing blogs/websites.

In other words, by submitting your blog/website sitemap to GSC, this will make it easier for Google to index your blog and website. How to? You can take several steps such as the following. Among them:

Login to GSC using your username and password. If you don't have an account with GSC, then you can register first by clicking the sign in menu

Next, find and click the sitemap menu

If you have clicked the sitemap menu, then the next step, you just enter the link from the website/blog that you have, which is written into the column provided. For example, if your blog's name is topmoneylink.com, then the written link will look like this:


After the link from the blog that you own is written in the column provided, then another way to submit a sitemap is by clicking the submit option

Wait up to 1x24 hours, or until Google sends a notification that your blog/website has been successfully registered with GSC

That's information about what a sitemap is and how to submit a blog/website sitemap to the Google search engine. By doing the steps above, now your blog/website has been registered in the Google Search Console (GSC), and can be easily indexed by the Google search engine.