How to Add Free and Permanent Instagram Followers

How to Add Free and Permanent Instagram Followers

How to increase ig followers permanently and for free without having to increase following? Some people who want to have a lot of Instagram followers may imagine this question. The reason is, increasing followers, likes or comments on Instagram can be said to be not easy either. Because there are many failed Instagram users. Do you count feeling that way?

How to Add Free and Permanent Instagram Followers

Moreover, as we know, the Instagram social facility application is increasingly popular and increasingly exists. Its users are consistently increasing and available in various parts of the world. In other words, almost everyone uses Instagram, especially young people today. So, many content creators, artists, businessmen or business people and many are still trying to maximize their popularity through the Instagram platform.

If it's a famous artist or person, maybe it's easy to increase the number of Instagram followers, likes and comments. However, what if we are just ordinary people or even more so as new Instagram or ig users? can we get a large, permanent and real number of Instagram followers? The answer is of course you can. As long as you understand the tips and tactics to increase Instagram followers.

Try to get followers and likes on Instagram every day by practicing a few tips and even permanent Instagram followers without increasing following on the picture below. Let's see.

1. Prepare Your Account Well

The first step that you must pay close attention to to get new followers every day is to prepare your account properly. Try to use a name or username that is easy to remember, then complete your personal data on Instagram such as Bio, website and so on. This will make your account more attractive. For your Bio, you can also use words that match the type you want.

2. Discipline of Posting Interesting Photos and Videos

A safe way to increase followers is to diligently post interesting photos and videos on Instagram. Indeed, this step requires hard work, creativity and a lot of thinking, where you have to produce interesting content. For that, you must really imagine what kind of plan you want to appear on your Instagram feed so that people can be interested in following your ig account.

Getting followers with this method does not immediately produce results, but you have to be patient, don't get bored, tired or satisfied to always update the latest interesting content every day. In addition, you also have to understand the right time to post photo or video content on Instagram where most people use Instagram at that time.

3. Using Hashtags

Instagram users must be familiar with the use of hashtags. Many Instagram users have used it for various purposes, one of which is to get new followers. How could that be? Yes, by using hashtags, other Instagram users can easily find your photo or video content that matches their interests.

As we know, the working process of hashtags is to group Instagram content based on the same hashtag. However, its use cannot be arbitrary. Before adding hashtags to your posts, you should study what hashtags match your photos.

You can use 11 to 30 hashtags to lure other users to see your posts and even follow you because they like your posts.

4. Don't Private Instagram Account

Not keeping your Instagram account private is also one of the steps to get more attention from other Instagram users and increase followers. Because by locking your account, it's as if you want not many people to see your posts on IG. Also, people following you will have to wait until they get your approval first.

Of course this will make it difficult for others to follow you. And maybe only people who know you will be interested in following you. Try to connect your Instagram account so that other Instagram users can easily follow you and open freely.

5. Edit Images and Use Filters

As we know, Instagram is a social facility that emphasizes the visual appearance of photos or videos. Therefore, writing with premium quality has become a necessity that must be met if you want to become a popular person on Instagram and get a lot of followers.

Although, for some people who are not good at editing photos or videos, it may be difficult, but we can use the tools of various video editing applications and apply the best filters that make our photos more aesthetic. If your writing is good, it is likely that other Instagram users will like it and be interested in following you.

6. Write a Good Caption

Caption is one of the members that, although simple, actually plays an important role in getting people to be interested in your content and follow you. For example, you can add additional points and distances that can make people curious, see the following caption in full. Or fill in a caption in the form of a question, in order to cause other users to fill in the comment field. Make sure there are no typos or misspellings, yes.

7. Don't Post Inappropriate Content

There are many types of inappropriate content available. One of them is content that contains sara which can cause hatred for ethnicity or race, religious people and others. The following content does not make your Instagram followers increase, but it can have the opposite effect. Thank you for stopping by at

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If you already understand how to increase free Instagram followers quickly and safely, then getting Instagram followers will not be difficult again, even more so, it can be an easy thing. Thus, you can use your Instagram account for various purposes according to your needs, for example, building an online selling business on Instagram. May be useful.